Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 reasons why twitter stands out from rest of the social networks

This is very socially active world as far as internet is concerned and through out the day you will find the social networks buzzing with people and their views.

Among all the social network TWITTER stands out from the rest because of the following reason

1. The prime reason is twitter is not just limited to your friends and sometimes it is not at for the normal friends that you share you day with. For example- if you are a blogger and you have just have your friends as your followers then it would be a very tough task for you get readers for your blog. (or like most of us you have to force your friends to read your work)

2.The second reason is twitter is simple to handle, you just need to choose your user name and put your basic information there, which is not even compulsory and you are started.

3. Just 140 words which means you don't have think a lot and can post as many times as possible

4. Powerful search, you can find celebrities to local talents and from bloggers to surfers. Everyone is present on twitter. Further the Hash tag or # has a revolutionary impact as you can find any topic just by the use of hash-tag, at the same time it allows thousands from across the world to tweet on the same topic and see what others are writing about that topic. You can also see the most trending topic i.e., the topic about which the highest number of people are tweeting.

5. Freedom to share anything you like and from anywhere you like, i.e, you can share text, quotes, links, pictures and videos or any combination of them. You also have the freedom to share from mobiles and tablets. This is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world.

The Geo-tagging and finding your brands and offers are also great positives of twitter.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Do we need to deactivate our social network accounts

I'm definitely a great supporter of social networks as it has given power to the masses. There are millions who have got their voice heard because of the social networks but there are always some drawbacks.

The most important drawback is that while it gave a lot of good people the voice to spread love and gratitude around at the same time it has given many negative people the voice to spread the hatred. For example you can find some bullies in your social network whi will keep trying to demoralize you.

You can also find people snooping into your information and stalking you day and night. The social network has also become a tool for weirdos in the world who will keep disturbing you with their activities.

No one can tolerate all this intrusion in one's life.So, you definitely need a break and you can definitely take it by deactivating the account because if you don't then in the back of your mind you will keep thinking about it. ;)

Another big challenge is coping up with the constant pressure of social network which puts a lot of pressure into your mind. You may seem to ignore it but things like who followed me, who unfollowed me, did he/she replied to my message, they are having a great time, I should also, why haven't they tagged me into that post. That person is in more people's circle then he must be better person than me.

All these above thoughts impact us and puts a lot of pressure on our brain. It may impact our mental health. So, like everyone else you also deserve a rest and so does your mind.

Don't worry and enjoy the holidays and if possible keep the social networks away. :D

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to reach the blogs directly from WordPress reader

I have this habit of solving my own problems and in doing so I have find solution for many of my blogger friends.

With the new changes, it's not possible to reach the blogs from the reader by just clicking on the post title as it was earlier possible but with the new changes there are other ways of reaching the blog directly from the reader.

The first way of reaching the blogs directly is by clicking on the time stamp at the bottom left of each post in the reader.

The second method is to click on the word count at the end of each abridged or shorten post. This method will also take you directly to the concerned blogs.

I'm also putting up a video which will make you understand the changes in a better way.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

WP reader changes

I have been using WordPress for about a year now and my experience has been great using it. I think the customized theme makes the blog looks like a professional website.

The most important factor that hooked me to WordPress was the feature of the reader where you can check other people's posts and other bloggers can check you post and from the reader only they can easily redirect themselves to the blog of their choice. I also like the comment and like feature of the reader.

The problem started a fortnight ago when WP brought some changes into the reader. It has decreased the traffic to the blogs and has also made the user interface poor. Bloggers are hardly comfortable using this new reader but there hasn't been any official response from the WordPress regarding this.

I think there won't be any good blogging platform in years to come. :(

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

iGoogle : Retiring in few months

iGoogle, one of the pioneering products in the internet which provided people an customized and personalized view. igoogle was launched in 2005 before anyone could understand where the web development and app development will move towards. Looking back it tells you that how early google predicted and created an internet app for the people which gave them personalized touch.

iGoogle provided people the chance to have all their searches and pages at one place, one can even have an app of facebook and twitter on their home page.It was a very convenient way of surfing the web. People can have their local news and weather updates at their home page and most importantly all this this can be customized.

iGoogle is going to retire on November 1, 2013. Google has given users enough time and opportunity to retrieve their personal data or export their personal data. With the new technologies taking over and more people are shifting from desktop to mobiles for surfing, the use of the customized home page has been reduced.

Thanks and goodbye iGoogle.

PS - If you still want use it in its last days, do go to or

Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Best Online Classified Portals

With the emergence of e-commerce there has been a huge surge in the number of people who want to sell their products online, be it new products or used products. Lots of companies have seen opportunity in this and have opened their online classified portals, where you can not only put ads but also buy or sell your products.

One of the most popular websites worldwide, ebay has opened their Indian portals seeing the large demand for site where people can sell their goods in India.

Olx have come into this sector very aggresively, with many ads on television promoting the portal, they are one of the most popular sites in the country.

Like olx, quikr has also concentrated on tv ads for their promotion and their ads have also made them a household name.

People may not have seen its ads but people who have the habit of surfing would be quite familiar with this name as it is easily one of the most known sites in the country.

In the end I like to mention a not so popular site which I feel is as good as others. The portal has great range of products and have almost all possible facilities.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

5 Best News Portals of India

I have seen many people complaining that they don't even know the which sites to visit from current happenings and news. Now even google offers you the facility of news, which has been given very huge importance by them as they have made a prominent tab for it, you can easily find it at the top when you search anything in google. Still to know the sites directly helps, you don't have to go on searching every time further you can join those sites and get accustomed to it.

This is the most popular site as it is the e-platform for one of the most popular newspaper dailies in the country. Further it covers all the topics from cities to national, from political to business and from sports to entertainment. This is a complete site and one should always keep a direct link to this site if he is current affairs enthusiast. 

This is another popular site which is also a e-platform for one of the most popular newspaper dailies in the country. It also covers all the topics but it lacks in the user interface. It is not as easy to find a sub-section or sub-topic in it. Further there should be some work that should be done in the interface.

Hindu is a very widely popular newspaper in south and among civil services aspirants. Hindu boost upon the fact that it has a quality content and good editorials but it can't be said to be a complete news portal. They lack hugely in terms of entertainment news further they are over emphasized on the southern cities, except New Delhi no other city features on their list of cities. 

This is the news portal of the india today group hence it is filled with contents futher you can browse through the videos from headlines today and aajtak, it has huge content related to entertainment, movies, tv serials and have also given a subsection to "supplements" on their top menu, which makes it real easy to find the supplements.

There are many other sites which may deserve this slot but I think this is very interesting site.It has taken news from all the popular news portals and have put them into one place further it has a real time updates from all the portals hence you can find all the latest updates from all the news portals at one place. It also provides news subsection like business in which you will find news updates from all the news portals. 

Keep reading. Stay updated.