Saturday, May 18, 2013

5 Best News Portals of India

I have seen many people complaining that they don't even know the which sites to visit from current happenings and news. Now even google offers you the facility of news, which has been given very huge importance by them as they have made a prominent tab for it, you can easily find it at the top when you search anything in google. Still to know the sites directly helps, you don't have to go on searching every time further you can join those sites and get accustomed to it.

This is the most popular site as it is the e-platform for one of the most popular newspaper dailies in the country. Further it covers all the topics from cities to national, from political to business and from sports to entertainment. This is a complete site and one should always keep a direct link to this site if he is current affairs enthusiast. 

This is another popular site which is also a e-platform for one of the most popular newspaper dailies in the country. It also covers all the topics but it lacks in the user interface. It is not as easy to find a sub-section or sub-topic in it. Further there should be some work that should be done in the interface.

Hindu is a very widely popular newspaper in south and among civil services aspirants. Hindu boost upon the fact that it has a quality content and good editorials but it can't be said to be a complete news portal. They lack hugely in terms of entertainment news further they are over emphasized on the southern cities, except New Delhi no other city features on their list of cities. 

This is the news portal of the india today group hence it is filled with contents futher you can browse through the videos from headlines today and aajtak, it has huge content related to entertainment, movies, tv serials and have also given a subsection to "supplements" on their top menu, which makes it real easy to find the supplements.

There are many other sites which may deserve this slot but I think this is very interesting site.It has taken news from all the popular news portals and have put them into one place further it has a real time updates from all the portals hence you can find all the latest updates from all the news portals at one place. It also provides news subsection like business in which you will find news updates from all the news portals. 

Keep reading. Stay updated.

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