Friday, November 29, 2013

Do we need to deactivate our social network accounts

I'm definitely a great supporter of social networks as it has given power to the masses. There are millions who have got their voice heard because of the social networks but there are always some drawbacks.

The most important drawback is that while it gave a lot of good people the voice to spread love and gratitude around at the same time it has given many negative people the voice to spread the hatred. For example you can find some bullies in your social network whi will keep trying to demoralize you.

You can also find people snooping into your information and stalking you day and night. The social network has also become a tool for weirdos in the world who will keep disturbing you with their activities.

No one can tolerate all this intrusion in one's life.So, you definitely need a break and you can definitely take it by deactivating the account because if you don't then in the back of your mind you will keep thinking about it. ;)

Another big challenge is coping up with the constant pressure of social network which puts a lot of pressure into your mind. You may seem to ignore it but things like who followed me, who unfollowed me, did he/she replied to my message, they are having a great time, I should also, why haven't they tagged me into that post. That person is in more people's circle then he must be better person than me.

All these above thoughts impact us and puts a lot of pressure on our brain. It may impact our mental health. So, like everyone else you also deserve a rest and so does your mind.

Don't worry and enjoy the holidays and if possible keep the social networks away. :D

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