Tuesday, August 6, 2013

iGoogle : Retiring in few months

iGoogle, one of the pioneering products in the internet which provided people an customized and personalized view. igoogle was launched in 2005 before anyone could understand where the web development and app development will move towards. Looking back it tells you that how early google predicted and created an internet app for the people which gave them personalized touch.

iGoogle provided people the chance to have all their searches and pages at one place, one can even have an app of facebook and twitter on their home page.It was a very convenient way of surfing the web. People can have their local news and weather updates at their home page and most importantly all this this can be customized.

iGoogle is going to retire on November 1, 2013. Google has given users enough time and opportunity to retrieve their personal data or export their personal data. With the new technologies taking over and more people are shifting from desktop to mobiles for surfing, the use of the customized home page has been reduced.

Thanks and goodbye iGoogle.

PS - If you still want use it in its last days, do go to -www.igoogle.com or http://www.google.com/ig

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