Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yahoo Mail : The Underdog

Yahoo was the first mail I used and still remember the silly Email ID I used to have in my young days. All of us will remember our childhood days when even having an email ID was a great thing, maybe kids nowadays could relate it to having a "i-phone", yes it was literally that big.

But they started the competition among peers as well as among the mailing sites. Suddenly there were many names floating together, gmail, hotmail, rediffmail etc. And people who thought they had a ID in a better site started bullying each other.

That bullying kept on going till we suddenly felt the need to use social network, the only one known to us was orkut as almost everyone was talking about it, so finally me and mnay of my friends made accounts in "Gmail" (It was a safer side). 

So I had the experience of using two different type of mails which led me to wonder how it would be to use other mails as well. So I created ID's in almost every site they told me which provide facility of mails.

After all these research I still liked using my first e-mail ID. Though I still was told it wasn't as good. Even after years, in my professional life I met few wierd guys who told me it looks less professional if you are using a yahoo ID.  I didn't understand what more technical expertise they learnt in opening some other mail ID.

After all these I definitely have the answer for all those people, I think yahoo is most user friendly mail I have used,(people may have varied opinion),since most of the people who are talking about the mails haven't even used the mails properly. The sorting is better, the header is better, the settings are better and it provides you with extra id's which help in reducing the spam. Further there is a mental peace in using yahoo mail, I could keep it open and surf whatever site I may like without having a feeling that I'm tracked. This is not as much important a point as others but still important. Further with recent changes in yahoo, I think they are doing a great job. YAHOO !!!

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