Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 reasons why twitter stands out from rest of the social networks

This is very socially active world as far as internet is concerned and through out the day you will find the social networks buzzing with people and their views.

Among all the social network TWITTER stands out from the rest because of the following reason

1. The prime reason is twitter is not just limited to your friends and sometimes it is not at for the normal friends that you share you day with. For example- if you are a blogger and you have just have your friends as your followers then it would be a very tough task for you get readers for your blog. (or like most of us you have to force your friends to read your work)

2.The second reason is twitter is simple to handle, you just need to choose your user name and put your basic information there, which is not even compulsory and you are started.

3. Just 140 words which means you don't have think a lot and can post as many times as possible

4. Powerful search, you can find celebrities to local talents and from bloggers to surfers. Everyone is present on twitter. Further the Hash tag or # has a revolutionary impact as you can find any topic just by the use of hash-tag, at the same time it allows thousands from across the world to tweet on the same topic and see what others are writing about that topic. You can also see the most trending topic i.e., the topic about which the highest number of people are tweeting.

5. Freedom to share anything you like and from anywhere you like, i.e, you can share text, quotes, links, pictures and videos or any combination of them. You also have the freedom to share from mobiles and tablets. This is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world.

The Geo-tagging and finding your brands and offers are also great positives of twitter.

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