Sunday, April 28, 2013

What made amish tripathi famous and successful?

The thing is we can have multiple views or multiple perspective about a topic and Amish knows what does this mean. For those who still don't know Amish Tripathi, he's the best selling author for his Shiva trilogy.

Few months ago or may be a more than few months ago I was browsing through one of the many e-commerce portals that have mushroomed in the last few years. I noticed this book which was also having a good discount on it (that's an Indian syndrome to check discounts).It was easily noticeable because most of the other books were from amateur writers (amateur here just means people writing their first novels) who haven't even completed their studies or have just finished it writing about how they have miserably failed in their love lives, So this was refreshing change to see this. Though at the same time there were few other mythological books were also available in the market but they couldn't make that mark.

So what made his book click at such a huge level? The first thing to be noted down is the internet revolution which has given rise to a huge number of readers and have opened up lots of avenues for the writers. The second reason is quite related but technically differennt in the context, its about sudden boom of e-commerce portals and huge number of internet buyers. The third and most importantly the birth of the huge group of people who are looking for some reads and this is what is also driving the first two reasons I mentioned.

But that true for all the books and all the writers so why only amish clicked? the answer to this is yes this is true for all the books and all the writers but it's not only Amish who have just clicked. If we ask the a person who is seeing the publishing industry for some time he will tell yoiu this is the best time to be in this business. People are buying all kinds of books not because they want to read so much diversified books but because they are first time or first generation readers. This people hardly know the writers of the past. They have started their readings from chetan bhagat rather than dickens and they hardly know what they want they want to read. they buy whatever is trending. I have seen people buying harry potter series or twilight series and just making them showpiece in their drawing rooms and never even daring to read them. When I asked one of them Have you any of the part, the answer I received " I have watched all the parts, will read them soon", this is a generation of snob who buys the book just by its cover or rather with the author name.

As I told you it's not Amish who have clicked people who can't complete a sentence have been able to sell thousand copies writing their weird love lives. What we can rather say is that Amish clicked more than others. He sold more than others and gained more than others and that's what "best selling" really means isn't it?

So what made him really click and so successful is the way he marketed his books, I think cover of the books were attractive and asked for attention secondly it easy availability with the e-commerce store,m good offers that made it sell more and the persistent marketing through articles or with the sound track or with the graphics all played a part. The domain of the book also really helped it since people who want to read about mythology is huge in India though no one have really tried it in this level before. So all in all it's everybody gain and having a writer as star is good thing for a change. Keep reading.

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