Saturday, January 29, 2011

Newspaper's use can predict people

Newspaper's use can predict what kind of person you are, I wanted to share this topic from long time which is my own private observation.

A level headed person sees a paper, becomes curious, read a few sections of his choice like sports,movies or business and his use ends. There are some people who are destructive, or may be creative in their own terms, who use it as a paper plate, fans or whatever they can come up with. There are others for whom it means nothing, just a mere trash, they also use it for dusting and other purposes.

Then there are people who are in love with newspapers which include people who have the hobby of cutting articles, people who like solving games, puzzles,crosswords etc., and people who are mad about movie and sports stars, they could spend their whole day looking at their pictures.

There is one more category which is of intense readers, they like reading and they could easily go on doing this the whole day sometimes irrespective of the articles. Now the next time you read a NEWSPAPER check which category you fit in. keep reading.

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