Thursday, August 30, 2012

“Facebook’s founding presidents against each other”

Finally there is something to worry for the people of facebook, there real and reel life founding presidents will now be pitted against each other. Sean Parker, the founder president of facebook, who have given many vital suggestions to the facebook team like changing the name from “thefacebook” to facebook and has been instrumental in their progress will now be having competition from the person who portrayed him in the famous movie “Socialnetwork” , Justin Timberlake.
Justin Timberlake is already known to people for his music and acting but now he’s in mood to add some corporate skills to his foray. Justin has recently bought “myspace”, once the numro uno of social networks, in partnership with specific media.
Myspace has been a very big player in social networking scene.Myspace was infact the leader in social networking before facebook overtook it in 2008. Since then myspace has seen huge downfall in its userbase. The downfall of myspace and other social networking sites meant growth for facebook which remains the leader in social networking by a huge margin.
Last year myspace has been bought by specific media in partnership with Justin Timberlake. From then on it has come a long way ahead. It has covered a lot of ground. The most successful strategy for myspace has been the launch of its facebook application, which currently has 2,000,000 monthly users which is really a huge number. As the application states “Myspace, home of the largest catalog of free streaming music on the web”. This has really worked for myspace moreover they won’t have to worry much about their publicity as they could always use “Justin” for it, so there’s quite a lot of profit they are having right now.
With facebook going public and lots of changes coming into its designing section there is a possibility that facebook may start losing some grounds which it has cherished for some time now. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure people are definitely going to get a better service and a more comfortable interface in the future. Hail social networks.

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